Logística y almacenamiento

Logistics, storage and sequencing

It is a highly specialized field and is continuously evolving to adapt the services to the customers’ needs. Our company uses the synergies of the performed services in the automotive sectors by considering this activity as a business opportunity and a diversification of the services we offer.

We have carried out integral warehouses services with the development of the activities set out like reception, storage, picking and expeditions. To perform those activities, we have integrated and trained our staff within the different management programmes.

We have developed and managed sequencing services in the production line by using the manufacturer-specific materials and performing the necessary activities to supply the different materials applications within the right sequence. The SILO software has been also developed to integrate and manage the communication among the final user, producer and the warehouse management.

We aim to be an alternative to study pre-assembly services, both in situ and in external facilities. Our automotive industry knowledge, lets us adapt ourselves and be a partner capable of providing solutions and to outsource productive activities and processes that might be carried out by our customers.