Metallic structures

The designs can be adapted to our customers’ needs. Our long-standing career lets us know the processes requirements. We use the best measurement and design tools and also have the appropriate technicians that manufacture metallic structures for the automotive and industrial buildings.

Our main asset: we perform the entire production process, measurement, design, manufacture in our facilities according to CE UNE- EN 1090 standards, and finally, our own staff carries out the final assembly. This is the only way to ensure the traceability of the entire process and the full schedules implementation. All the safety, health, and environment protocols are ensured.

Calculation, design, delineation of metal structures

We design metal structures and adapt them to the functional and planning necessities of our customers. Calculations are performed according to the statutory regulations and installation requirements, which allow their optimization. We outline in detail to optimize the production of our products and all this by using the most advanced software, TEKLA, SOLID, AUTOCAD.

Manufacture of metal structures according to CE UNE- EN 1090

We manufacture all types of metallic structures for both industrial and civil use and also both main and auxiliary structures. We design the most optimized solutions for manufacturing and for their subsequent assembly.