In its policy of continuous improvement and respect for the environment, Entrerrios Servicios Generales maintains a Quality Management System in compliance with both the UNE-EN ISO 9001 standard, and the UNE-EN 14001 Environmental Certification.

Our company also holds EN 1090 EXC-1, EXC-2 and EXC-3 Certification, (Certificate of conformity of Factory Production Control) which is essential for the installation of steel and aluminum structures within the EU.

It also keeps all the Industrial Safety permits and certificates issued by the Government of Aragon fully up to date. Specifically:

  • low voltage electrical installations
  • high voltage electrical installations
  • high voltage power line installations
  • water supply installations
  • water supply installations
  • thermal installations in buildings
  • gas installations
  • liquid petroleum product installations
  • refrigeration installations
  • elevation equipment
  • pressure equipment
  • fire protection installations

Entrerrios Servicios Generales also holds Construsoft Tekla Structures 2018i certification

ISO 9001:2015
ISO 14001:2015

risk prevention

Entrerrios Servicios Generales has a culture of corporate safety and a management system for occupational risk prevention in its DNA, based on the following points:

  • High priority for the safety and health of workers, as well as their training, motivation and identification with the company and their participation and involvement.
  • Continuous and periodic training and awareness throughout the organisation regarding the need to comply with all preventive actions defined for each job
  • Commitment to a goal of “zero accidents”


internal training

Entrerrios Servicios Generales is accredited by the Fundación del Metal (Spanish Metal Foundation for Training, Qualification and Employment – FMFCE) to provide the content required on Occupational Risk Prevention for the specific courses for the metal sector established in Chapter XVII, Annex II of the 3rd state collective agreement of the industry, technology and services of the Spanish metal sector.

dual training

Centro San Valero. With the dual purpose of helping young people to have employment opportunities and improve their employability on the one hand, and to retain Aragonese talent inside our autonomous community on the other, Entrerrios General Services has signed a collaboration agreement with Centro San Valero to take apprentice students within the FP dual programme framework, from the upper grade training cycle in Metal Construction.

IES SIGLO XXI. With these same objectives, Entrerrios Servicios Generales collaborates with the IES SIGLO XXI College to encourage the training of students in the workplace and facilitate their approach to the job market.

equality plan

Entrerrios Servicios Generales is committed as a company to equal treatment and opportunities between women and men where there is no discrimination based on sex. Our company maintains an Equality Plan where the specific objectives, strategies and practices to be adopted for their achievement are established, as well as the establishment of effective monitoring and evaluation systems for the objectives set.

Access to employment, job classification, promotion and training, remuneration, management of working time in terms of equality between women and men, in order to achieve a better work-life balance for employees and their families, the prevention of sexual harassment and harassment on grounds of sex are some of the points that are taken into account in our equality plan.

Among the specific measures that our company promotes and defends in its policy and culture of respect and equal opportunities are:

  • Development of strategic plans to do away with any glass ceiling or vertical segregation, which may prevent women from accessing senior management or leadership positions.
  • The salary policy is balanced and equal for all those professionals who perform the same tasks within the company. Remuneration is based on staff skills, their training and experience. These measures reduce the wage gap between men and women.
  • The measures of the equality plan are carried out in a participatory and systematic manner.
  • Establishment of a programme to achieve a work-family balance in consensus with the staff and which is effective.
  • Recruitment and promotion processes are fair and equitable. Under no circumstances can gender be a factor of discrimination. The choice of a candidate is strictly based on their professional profile.
  • Encourage the education and training of the entire staff. To ensure professional growth, greater responsibilities and functions are given to all staff, so that access to positions that have a higher salary is made available to all those people who make up the company, always based on curricular merits.
  • A return to the company is facilitated after temporary periods of absence due to extended leave, sickness or other circumstances. In this way, the negative impact that this type of absence can have on the professional career of workers is minimised and the previous position is kept open to them.
  • Holding of conferences or seminars to inform all employees of the specific actions that are carried out in the company. All employees participate not only in each of the lines of work that govern the company but also in the results obtained at the end of each exercise.

social responsibility

Entrerrios Servicios Generales will soon receive recognition from the Government of Aragon as a socially responsible company. This award means that our company is committed to submitting an annual Corporate Social Responsibility Report for its workers, clients and suppliers.


Enterrios Servicios Generales has been awarded a gold medal in the EcoVadis evaluation of the quality of our sustainability management system, also known as Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR


Circular Economy. This commitment also includes waste management, aimed at promoting lower consumption and maximum recycling and reuse with emphasis on a circular economy, especially with regard to the most common waste materials in the company such as scrap, wood and cardboard.

circular economy initiatives

Code of ethics and conduct

Entrerrios General Services has an ethical code of conduct which sets out the values, principles and standards of behaviour that must respect each of the members of the organisation and the organisation itself and that shape the corporate culture of our company and go far beyond compliance with regulatory requirements, simply for the purpose of meeting them.

This code of ethics identifies the purpose of our company, declares our corporate philosophy and expresses the goal of creating and maintaining a positive business culture. It also establishes the optimum, desired, forbidden and mandatory behaviours, illustrates what we expect from our clients and collaborators and what they can expect from us, and lays out the procedure to follow for the resolution of conflicts or ethical dilemmas that may arise in its implementation.

The document sets out fair business practices, our commitment to sustainability and the environment, working conditions and human rights, and the promotion of health and safety in the workplace, among other things. It also establishes a commitment to the confidentiality of information and the protection of intellectual and industrial property in relations with suppliers and clients.

Community activities

For Entrerrios Servicios Generales, supporting sport through sponsorship is key to staying active in local projects and has a very positive effect on society.

Octavus Basketball Club. Since the beginning of this century, for almost 20 years, we have been linked to the Octavus Club as sponsors, but we are also present on its Board of Directors, and our CEO, Roberto Iglesias, participates in the technical and sports team as its coach.
Teamwork, personal improvement and the sense of sportsmanship are fundamental in the daily activities of our company and are reflected very clearly in basketball. We understand team sport as an essential vehicle to build a healthier society together. We are convinced that a Basketball Club, the second most popular sport in Spain and with one of the greatest followings in the world, helps us to promote the health of the players, their physical condition, and also enhance the values of this team sport that helps us build a better society.
It is our responsibility to get involved in our local community, in this case in the Zaragoza town of Utebo, beginning with the youngest members. Through this Club we reach over 200 families who are involved directly or indirectly, and our influence is extremely high within the community, and even reaches national and international level.

Our goal is to encourage boys and girls to learn to find a reason to belong to a team and to develop a healthy, positive competitive spirit that helps them to be well prepared and, of course, to have fun through healthy leisure with all the family.

Club Motor Hierros Alfonso Motor Club. Sport is another vehicle to generate awareness because it transmits values of self-improvement, effort and teamwork that are all in line with the values of Entrerrios industrial engineering such as cooperation, companionship, discipline, team spirit, respect and commitment.

Our autonomous community has a long motor racing tradition. In Bajo Aragon, Alcañiz Alcañiz hosted the oldest street circuit in Spain with almost 40 years of urban races and over 80 editions held. Nowadays, the same place is home to Motorland, a racing circuit of more than 350 hectares, designed by the architect Hermann Tilke, with the “MotoGP Aragon Motorcycle Grand Prix” as the main competition. With this sponsorship, our company opts to support Aragonese talent in this sport that has so much tradition in Aragon and that brings wealth and well-being to our territory.

Entrerrios Servicios Generales collaborates as a member company of the Red Cross in order to contribute to the consolidation of its social project to create a better reality.

SDG commitment

SDG 1. End poverty. Job creation
SDG 2. Promote equality between jobs
SDG 3. Sustainable water management. Good practices to minimise water consumption
SDG 4. Encourage the use of safe and sustainable energy. Use of renewable energies and low-energy lighting
SDG 5. Promote sustainable economic growth, full employment and decent work for all. Employee satisfaction surveys
SDG 6. Sustainable industrialisation by promoting innovation, e.g. machinery innovation, PPE, environmental pollution prevention
SDG 7. Sustainable consumption and production. Inclusion of the life cycle before, during and after the activities of the company
SDG 8. Combat climate change. Zero VOC emissions in the painting process. Booth with filters